That slippery little trickster Mercury evaded my penetrating vision as I made my way through the planetary pile up of the Grand Cardinal Cross in my ASTROFLASH  last month. Mercury went retrograde for 3 weeks on Aug 20 until Sept.12 so do mark your calendars and hopefully you will have gotten all your important business tied up before then or wait til after the12th to set things in stone.
So many of us live inside that rat race chasing our tails trying to keep up with a world wildly careening pell mell towards some hope of retirement, to one day taking that time to smell the flowers when the bills are finally paid, when the kids are finally in college, when you finally get your divorce from the one who doesn’t understand you and could care less!
The Cardinal Square  energy that I have been referring to these last few months asks us to each step out of our cages, self imposed or otherwise.
With several planets in Virgo,This month and time is for sorting out, and Mercury in Virgo is such a good sorter. Time to really re order your priorities so that your focus is truly on what has meaning for you rather than what you are just doing.
You have no doubt heard the typical mercury retrograde warnings.
Don’t sign anything, buy anything,commit to anything permanent,refrain from large purchase especially electrical and mechanical things. Don’t have sex for the first time in your new relationship when mercury goes retro[ fine chance of that happening ] Double and triple check meetings and messages and be sure to give the benefit of the doubt in controversy as nobody will really know the whole story!
OK, those are some of the DON’TS, NOW HOW ABOUT THE DO’S!!
Do take the time to De clutter your house, mind,closets,garden,and social calendar so that you can make room for the new energy coming in when Mercury goes direct which will occur this time on Sept 12. Take all those half done projects and bring them to completion so that when Mercury goes direct, you will be ready to roll.
Since we do not live in a culture that includes and honors down time, we need to try to integrate that into our lives much more til the12th.
Some of the challenges we face in trying to live lives more connected to natural and astrological cycles is that Patriarchal Gregorian calendars simply have no such orientation. When we want to observe these more inner times and keep up our work schedules, it can be a challenge.
Its not that you can’t forge ahead during the retrograde but it simply is not energy efficient. Why swim upstream when you can go with the flow?
I am taking the time to  explain a bit more about the retrograde energy because there are 7, count them, 7 planets including asteroid Chiron moving backwards at this time so it’s not just Mercury creating this need for a pause.
The New Moon  in Virgo on the 8th will also underscore a culling and prioritizing so that our goals and path are more streamlined when both Mercury and Pluto go direct on the 12th and 13th respectively. Then, we can fly forward with conviction.
With Uranus backtracking into Pisces, we are being given a little respite from the planetary firestorm of the summer and it is now time to integrate all the major shifts and dynamic changes we have set in motion. The Grand Cross energy is still in play but as the month rolls on the intensity will weaken a bit til the Full Moon in Aries.If you have been dragging your feet, you will find you may feel a little more tossed in the swirling Piscean waters. The message is still, Find the New You Being Reborn as we approach the true Dawning of the Aquarian Age!.
With several planets in Libra , we may also be prone to do some fence sitting but it may also be a time to let romance sizzle a bit as we learn to merge in a more balanced way.Saturn won’t have it any other way  whether the relationships are between lovers or countries.
On Sept.23, we will have a most potent Full Moon in Aries. I learned much about this particular Full Moon from the newly departed,wise and witty witch, Marion Weinstein who referred to the Aries Full Moon as the Blood Moon because in ancient it was a time of  animal sacrifices. She also suggested that this was such a dangerous time because we are in the death throes of the Patriarchy. She suggested, and I heartily agree that it is best to not to go to places where one is likely to encounter a dangerous element on this night.
The good news for this  time is that Saturn is moving further from the square to Pluto and the whole Cardinal Square thing. The bad news is I can see the possibility of a really bad storm on this day with the Full Moon conjoining both Jupiter and Uranus making the tides run exceptionally high and with Neptune and Chiron back being Siamese twins again, we could have both wild winds and water. I hope that I am totally wrong too. So do be prepared.Either way, this moon could bring some most intense global events with it.
Times are changing and there is no well defined generic road map,however, by becoming more acquainted with your particular chart and the effects of the transits, you have an incredible guide which will offer you dates and times where you are more likely to succeed or have difficulties.
ARIES – OK, who turned off the light? I mean I was positively on fire and now i still feel that deep compelling need to make the important changes in my life but the  huge fiery push I was getting seems to have fizzled. Now trust me, I am not changing my course just not feeling the urgency as much. Makes me  wonder what’s going on but since Uranus slid back to Pisces for awhile I will need to keep swimming forward whether or not I feel totally in my element.
TAURUS – I can’t complain too much because all this crazy cardinal square crap hasn’t really rocked my world much. Its as if everything out there is spinning wildly and I am like the rock that holds steady and continues on my daily routine without too much drama unless of course one of my sweeties has her world in an uproar in which case my solid predictable vibe can get kind of turbulent. When Venus and Mars head  over to Scorpio after the 8th I just know the heat will be on and this Taurian will be rollin’ in hot chocolate.
GEMINI – I can feel that Fall breeze  trying to break through this record summer heat. Good old murky Mercury, my ruling planet will be moonwalking backwards in Virgo no less so I had better  be more conscious  about what I say to whom. last time I created a hell of a mess and I really didn’t mean to, I never do, its just that I am so ideaphoric. Thoughts blow in and just as quickly blow right out again its just that  many of them blow out of my mouth before I have the time to think them through.
CANCER – Change, change, change! Now I see it, now i don’t. I sure can feel the roll of that oceanic wave though and hope that it will be gentle with me. Emotions rise and fall like the tides and  I can feel a sense of release as the rains come and come down all around. Nature is vibrant and not burning but these shifts have me feeling a bit off balance.. I am ready to see solid land, the oasis promised by Venus and Mars and I do believe they will heat up the waters but good when they dance around each other again but this time in Scorpio.
LEO – Ah, always a tiny bit sad to leave my month in the Sun, not to worry though as I always have plenty of flame left to warm the embers  as we all start to return to our routines.My job is to never let the rest of you forget that all the world is a stage and we can act out our creative fantasies whenever! I fully intend to create infinitely more art and projects to delight and amuse myself. I am going to extend this wild hot summer til the very last moment that I can scrape out of it.
VIRGO – Beat it Leo, this is MY month. Finally I will be noticed for  my substantial contributions and its about time. I know its the squeaky wheel that gets oiled but I hate to be a whiner. People should just see me for who I am  and I am the backbone of any group that I am a part. This is also a very good time for me to pay more attention to my doings as well and set the precedent. If I respect my time and efforts more, then others will follow my example. That just makes so much sense, a light bulb moment!
LIBRA – Saturn is quite the load but it has been so so lovely to have Mars and Venus waltzing around in Libra that I almost didn’t notice. Let’s face it, I rather not look at the less comfortable stuff ever but I kind of feel like Saturn and I will be face to face in no time like it or not. I will need to face the Lord of Obstacles and find a way to move on through.I can see how  I could also find the added demand for structure to offer its own benefits.
SCORPIO – Ha! you are all so jealous that Venus and Mars will be all mine after the 9th! I’m not big on sharing but if you play nicely with me, there is no telling what we can manage. You are all gonna want you some Scorpio for a change. Out of the closets and into the sheets I say! Its all good and finally its time to explore my deepest desires. Seems like they always need to be sublimated or ride in the back seat. Now, they are on the front burner and I’m gonna let them sizzle.
SAGITTARIUS – Wow the energies are making this Sagittarius swing and sway. Plenty of air to swell my sails and keep my fire roaring and the watery side of my nature has got flow to go. So many possibilities that I find myself deluged with choices and not much of an anchor or rudder to steer me any which way. This is the Sea, the Sea of possibilities and movement feels appropriate just don;t want Mercury’s retro undertow to pull me too far off course.
CAPRICORN – I find it quite pleasant to see the corporate corruption finally being exposed like just so much dirty laundry. I slave for the pittance I am afforded and keep the big wheel’s turning but I am rarely some Proud Mary. Still I derive a measure of hopefulness by seeing the apple-cart upset and know that I am not laying under it. If you think that I sound completely surly, remember that Pluto will be running my show for the next dozen years or so so I will not suffer fools lightly nor will I roll over for the New World Order! Fight the Good Fight.
AQUARIUS – Doing the whirlpool dance with Neptune and Chiron again. Hard to know which end is up but I can imagine that we will be rockin’ and rollin’ before too long. The Wild Winds of Change will be blowing politically, naturally, and personally and it will be best to figure out where your resistance lies and remove it before it is removed from you. I know  Aquarius is a fixed sign and we do not bend easily but this would be one of those good times to acquire some flexibility.
PISCES – Oh boy, Uranus and Jupiter are in my sign again. I wonder what magical mystery tour I will find myself on this time. That Uranian energy sure cranks up the iconoclast in me and everything is so much more electric including me. So many weird body sensations that I can’t even describe, no doubt ye old rewiring of the DNA again. We Pisces have a wide spectrum of beliefs and will explore many versions of reality without denying or bonding to either. I will surely expose myself to a myriad of cultures.
Through ASTROFLASH,  I have endeavored to offer more gender neutral astrology to speak to all sexual preferences and identities.
If you know your Rising sign, your personal reading will be more accurate if you read the passage for that sign as well as your Sun sign.

For deeper questions and readings of an Astrological or Psychic nature, feel free to call 352 4752432 for an apt.or contact me through my website
New Moon Sept 8 , Sept 23 Full Moon in Aries,
Since the Gulf Catastrophe I am doing Full and New Moon Gatherings  here at Moonhaven using Shamanic Musical Journeys and a little ritual to bring the area and the Planet back in balance as well as  guiding the animals to safety from the oil. THE OIL IS STILL A PROBLEM! We journey with the music like a conversation with Spirit and Her creatures allowing the music to flow as it needs . Other musicians very welcome no talent needed just a sensitivity to the cause. You can journey with your voice or just  be in the energy. If you are not near Melrose Florida, you can still join in the Ethers.
I have committed to personally do this every day and the feeling and the connection is palpable and so exhilarating. Feels like something that I was born to do so even if its not on the Full or New Moon and you want to join me  give a call and we can make an arrangement.
Next session of Moonhaven Mystery School for Women Tent.Mon.Aug.30 – Sept 20,  4 consecutive Mon evenings 7-9:30 PM only $62 for the 4 sessions. Call Now to Reserve Your Space! If you want to come and these dates are not good call me! and yes let your friends know as well. YOU MAY BE ABLE TO JOIN LATER AS WELL
Intermediate Level Psychic Development and Empowerment,Women’s Magic and Ritual, Stone healing, Animal Communication, and Healing Potions and much much more @ Moonhaven in Melrose call for directions and to reserve your space 352 4752432
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we need to Help Mama Save the Gulf Coastline and all the animals. I suggest that we visualize strong winds that keep the oil from coming ashore til the clean up crew can suck it up!
PLEASE PASS THIS ON AND DO IT 9 am and or 9pm and we will have a rolling global ritual.
So far the winds are helping so we take the path of least resistance and help it along to buy much needed time til science can catch up with the audacity of industry and save  all the animals and coastline and lives that are dependent on a clean Gulf which is ALL OF US. BLESSINGS FLASH SILVERMOON

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~ Solar Success Spell ~

Today is the final day of the Roman festival of Floralia, goddess of flowers and vegetation; the festival was also one of pleasure and licentiousness, and prostitutes considered this their own special day. While you’re more than welcome to have your own private celebrations of the latter sort, a more family-friendly celebration can include planting and blessing a garden. This need not be a huge urban farm; a small window box or pot full of herbs will suffice. If the weather permits, put in your seeds and sprouts today; otherwise, feel free to bless what you’ve already planted, or the ground that you’ll sow in.
From deep, dark earth the green shoots grow,
And further down the roots do go.
I’ll tend them well, and meet their needs,
Fertilized, watered, and free of weeds!
… by Lupa

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Earth Day 2010-Blessing To Gaia


Prayer to Gaia~Sprit of The Divine Feminine

Beloved Gaia, Mother Earth, I bow to your mystery.  You who have conceived and created all life, I drink your cool water and eat your nourishing plants as communion.  You who destroy and stand by the dying, I accept your pruning with thankfulness.  Gaia, teach me your compassion, patience, and forgiveness.  Clothe me in your bright beauty, sprinkle sun and moonshine in my eyes.  Infuse me with your power so I can work with you.  Show me harmonious ways.  Teach me to live fully each season in turn, diving into the bounty and the dearth.  Remind me to turn deep within the wilderness for your guidance.  Let each moment of work, play, rest, loving, creating, dying, be in remembrance to you

Green Hint

Planting? No chemical fertilizers or pesticides, period, on your lawn or garden. Runoff enters our drinking water and  regarding our lovelyessential oils, remember, if it’s in the soil, it’s in the oil

Blue Moon Herbals

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Beltane — Holiday Details and History

Beltane — Holiday Details and History
Author: Christina Aubin

Beltane is the last of the three spring fertility festivals, the others being Imbolc and Ostara. Beltane is the second principal Celtic festival (the other being Samhain). Celebrated approximately halfway between Vernal (spring) equinox and the midsummer (Summer Solstice). Beltane traditionally marked the arrival of summer in ancient times.

At Beltane, the Pleiades star cluster rises just before sunrise on the morning horizon, whereas winter (Samhain) begins when the Pleiades rises at sunset. The Pleiades is a cluster of seven closely placed stars, the seven sisters, in the constellation of Taurus, near his shoulder. When looking for the Pleiades with the naked eye, remember it looks like a tiny dipper-shaped pattern of six moderately bright stars (the seventh can be seen on very dark nights) in the constellation of Taurus. It stands very low in the east-northeast sky for just a few minutes before sunrise.

Beltane, and its counterpart Samhain, divide the year into its two primary seasons, winter (Dark Part) and summer (Light Part). As Samhain is about honoring Death, Beltane, its counter part, is about honoring Life. It is the time when the sun is fully released from his bondage of winter and able to rule over summer and life once again.

Beltane, like Samhain, is a time of "no time" when the veils between the two worlds are at their thinnest. No time is when the two worlds intermingle and unite and the magic abounds! It is the time when the Faeries return from their winter respite, carefree and full of faery mischief and faery delight. On the night before Beltane, in times past, folks would place rowan branches at their windows and doors for protection, many otherworldly occurrences could transpire during this time of "no time". Traditionally on the Isle of Man, the youngest member of the family gathers primroses on the eve before Beltane and throws the flowers at the door of the home for protection. In Ireland it is believed that food left over from May Eve must not be eaten, but rather buried or left as an offering to the faery instead. Much like the tradition of leaving of whatever is not harvested from the fields on Samhain, food on the time of no time is treated with great care.

When the veils are so thin it is an extremely magical time, it is said that the Queen of the Faeries rides out on her white horse. Roving about on Beltane eve, She will try to entice people away to the Faeryland. Legend has it that if you sit beneath a tree on Beltane night, you may see the Faery Queen or hear the sound of Her horse’s bells as She rides through the night. Legend says if you hide your face, She will pass you by but if you look at Her, She may choose you. There is a Scottish ballad of this called Thomas the Rhymer, in which Thomas chooses to go the Faeryland with the Queen and has not been seen since.

Beltane has been an auspicious time throughout Celtic lore, it is said that the Tuatha de Danaan landed in north-west Connacht on Beltane. The Tuatha de Danaan, it is said, came from the North through the air in a mist to Ireland. After the invasion by the Milesians, the Tuatha faded into the Otherworld, the Sidhe, Tir na nOg.

The beginning of summer heralds an important time, for the winter is a difficult journey and weariness and disheartenment set in, personally one is tired down to the soul. In times past the food stocks were low; variety was a distant memory. The drab non-color of winter’s end perfectly represents the dullness and fatigue that permeates on so many levels to this day. We need Beltane, as the earth needs the sun, for our very Spirit cries out for the renewal of summer jubilation.

Beltane marks that the winter’s journey has passed and summer has begun, it is a festival of rapturous gaiety as it joyfully heralds the arrival of summer in her full garb. Beltane, however, is still a precarious time, the crops are still very young and tender, susceptible to frost and blight. As was the way of ancient thought, the Wheel would not turn without human intervention. People did everything in their power to encourage the growth of the Sun and His light, for the Earth will not produce without the warm love of the strong Sun. Fires, celebration and rituals were an important part of the Beltane festivities, as to insure that the warmth of the Sun’s light would promote the fecundity of the earth.

Beltane marks the passage into the growing season, the immediate rousing of the earth from her gently awakening slumber, a time when the pleasures of the earth and self are fully awakened. It signals a time when the bounty of the earth will once again be had. May is a time when flowers bloom, trees are green and life has again returned from the barren landscape of winter, to the hope of bountiful harvests, not too far away, and the lighthearted bliss that only summer can bring.

Beltane translated means "fire of Bel" or "bright fire" – the "bale-fire". (English – bale; Anglo-Saxon bael; Lithuanian baltas (white)) Bel (Bel, Bile, Beli, Belinus, Belenos) is the known as the bright and shinning one, a Celtic Sun God. Beli is the father, protector, and the husband of the Mother Goddess.

Beltane is the time of the yearly battle between Gwyn ap Nudd and Gwythur ap Greidawl for Creudylad in Welsh mythology. Gwyn ap Nudd the Wild Huntsman of Wales, he is a God of death and the Annwn. Creudylad is the daughter of Lludd (Nudd) of the Silver Hand (son of Beli). She is the most beautiful maiden of the Island of Mighty. A myth of the battle of winter and summer for the magnificent blossoming earth.

In the myth of Rhiannion and Pwyll, it is the evening of Beltane, that Rhiannon gives birth to their son. The midwives all fell asleep at the same time, as they were watching over Rhiannon and her new baby, during which he was taken. In order to protect themselves, they smeared blood (from a pup) all over Rhiannon, to which they claim she had eaten her son. The midwives were believed, and Rhiannon was forced to pay penance for seven years. She had to carry people on her back from the outside of the gate to the palace, although rarely would any allow her to do so. The baby’s whereabouts were a mystery. Oddly, every Beltane night, one of Pwyll’s vassals, Teirnyon Twryv Vliant, had a mare that gave birth but the colt disappeared. One Beltane night Teirnyon Twryv Vliant awaited in the barn for the mare to foaled, when she did, he heard a tremendous noise and a clawed arm came through the window and grabbed the colt. Teirnyon cut off the arm with his sword, and then heard a wailing. He opened the door and found a baby, he brought it to his wife and they adopted Gwri Wallt Euryn (Gwri of the Golden Hair). As he grew he looked like Pwyll and they remembered they found him on the night Rhiannon’s baby became lost. Teirnyon brought Gwri of the Golden Hair to the castle, told the story, and he was adopted back to his parents, Rhiannon and Pwyll, and and named by the head druid, Pryderi (trouble) from the first word his mother had said when he was restored to her. "Trouble is, indeed, at an end for me, if this be true".

This myth illustrates the precariousness of the Beltane season, at the threshold of Summer, the earth awakening, winter can still reach its long arm in and snatch the Sun away (Gwri of the Golden hair). "Ne’er cast a clout ’til May be out" (clout: Old English for cloth/clothing). If indeed the return of summer is true than the trouble (winter) is certainly over, however one must be vigilant.

On Beltane eve the Celts would build two large fires, Bel Fires, lit from the nine sacred woods. The Bel Fire is an invocation to Bel (Sun God) to bring His blessings and protection to the tribe. The herds were ritually driven between two needfires (fein cigin), built on a knoll. The herds were driven through to purify, bring luck and protect them as well as to insure their fertility before they were taken to summer grazing lands. An old Gaelic adage: "Eadar da theine Bhealltuinn" – "Between two Beltane fires".

The Bel fire is a sacred fire with healing and purifying powers. The fires further celebrate the return of life, fruitfulness to the earth and the burning away of winter. The ashes of the Beltane fires were smudged on faces and scattered in the fields. Household fires would be extinguished and re-lit with fresh fire from the Bel Fires.

Celebration includes frolicking throughout the countryside, maypole dancing, leaping over fires to ensure fertility, circling the fire three times (sun-wise) for good luck in the coming year, athletic tournaments feasting, music, drinking, children collecting the May: gathering flowers. children gathering flowers, hobby horses, May birching and folks go a maying". Flowers, flower wreaths and garlands are typical decorations for this holiday, as well as ribbons and streamers. Flowers are a crucial symbol of Beltane, they signal the victory of Summer over Winter and the blossoming of sensuality in all of nature and the bounty it will bring.

May birching or May boughing, began on Beltane Eve, it is said that young men fastened garland and boughs on the windows and doors of the young maidens upon which their sweet interest laid. Mountain ash leaves and Hawthorne branches meant indicated love whereas thorn meant disdain. This perhaps, is the forerunner of old May Day custom of hanging bouquets hooked on one’s doorknob?

Young men and women wandered into the woods before daybreak of May Day morning with garlands of flowers and/or branches of trees. They would arrive; most rumpled from joyous encounters, in many areas with the maypole for the Beltane celebrations. Pre-Christian society’s thoughts on human sexuality and fertility were not bound up in guilt and sin, but rather joyous in the less restraint expression of human passions. Life was not an exercise but rather a joyful dance, rich in all beauty it can afford.

In ancient Ireland there was a Sacred Tree named Bile, which was the center of the clan, or Tuatha. As the Irish Tree of Life, the Bile Pole, represents the connection between the people and the three worlds of Bith: The Skyworld (heavens), The Middleworld (our world), and The Otherworld. Although no longer the center life, the Bile pole has survived as the Beltane Maypole.

The Maypole is an important element to Beltane festivities, it is a tall pole decorated with long brightly colored ribbons, leaves, flowers and wreaths. Young maidens and lads each hold the end of a ribbon, and dance revolving around the base of the pole, interweaving the ribbons. The circle of dancers should begin, as far out from the pole as the length of ribbon allows, so the ribbons are taut. There should be an even number of boys and girls. Boys should be facing clockwise and girls counterclockwise. They each move in the direction that they are facing, weaving with the next, around to braid the ribbons over-and-under around the pole. Those passing on the inside will have to duck, those passing on the outside raise their ribbons to slide over. As the dances revolve around the pole the ribbons will weave creating a pattern, it is said that the pattern will indicate the abundance of harvest year.

In some areas there are permanent Maypoles, perhaps a recollection of ancient clan Bile Pole memory. In other areas a new Maypole is brought down on Beltane Eve out from the wood. Even the classical wood can vary according to the area tradition is pulled from, most frequently it seems to be birch as "the wood", but others are mentioned in various historical documents.

Today in some towns and villages a mummer called Jack in the Green (drawing from the Green man), wears a costume made of green leaves as he dances around the May pole. Mumming is a dramatic performance of exaggerated characters and at Beltane the characters include Jack in the Green and the Fool. The Fool, and the Fool’s journey, symbolism can be understood in relation to Beltane as it is the beginning of beginnings, the emergence from the void of nothingness (winter), as one can also see the role of the green man as the re-greening of the world.

Traditionally in many areas Morris dancers can be found dancing around the Maypole. Morris dancing can be found in church records in Thame England going back to 1555. Morris dancing is thought to have originated many centuries ago as part of ancient religious ceremonies, however it seems that Morris dancing became associated with Mayday during the Tudor times, and its originating history is not all that easily traced, as is the way with many traditions.

The Maypole dance as an important aspect of encouraging the return of fertility to the earth. The pole itself is not only phallic in symbolism but also is the connector of the three worlds. Dancing the Maypole during Beltane is magical experience as it is a conduit of energy, connecting all three worlds at a time when these gateways are more easily penetrable. As people gaily dance around and around the pole holding the brightly colored ribbons, the energy it raises is sent down into the earth’s womb, bringing about Her full awakening and fruitfulness.

In Padstow, Cornwall, Beltane morning a procession is led by the "obby oss" a costumed horse figure, in a large circular banded frock and mask. The procession is full of song, drums and accordions. Professor Ronald Hutton of Bristol University points out that the first account of the Padstow May Day ‘Obby ‘Oss revelries was written in 1803. He offers evidence however that, like English Morris Dancing, its origins lie in English medieval times. This does not discount the possibility that its roots lay in the foundation of the fertility rites of Beltane, a more politically correct transmutation of fertility acts.

There is also a Queen of May. She is said in many areas to have worn a gold crown with a single, gold leaf at its front, in other areas her crown was made of fresh flowers. She was typically chosen at the start of the Beltane festival, which in time past was after sundown on the eve before Beltane day. Many accounts mention both a May Queen and King being chosen, whom would reign from sundown the eve before the Beltane day to sunset on Beltane. Among their duties would be to announce the Beltane games and award the prizes to the victors. The rudimentary base of this practice can be drawn back to the roots of Beltane festivities, the union of the Goddess and Her Consort, the joining of earth and sun, the endowment of summer. The Goddess has many guises: Danu – The Great Mother, Blodeuwedd (the Flower Bride), Isolt (Iseult, Isolde) and many, many others. The consort can also take many forms including the Green Man, Cernunnos or Tristan.

As Beltane marks this handfasting (wedding) of the Goddess and God, it too marks the reawakening of the earth’s fertility in its fullest. This is the union between the Great Mother and her Young Consort, this coupling brings new life on earth. It is on a Spiritual level, the unifying of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to bring forth the third, consciousness. On the physical, it is the union of the Earth and Sun to bring about the fruitfulness of the growing season.

It is customary that trial unions, for a year and a day, occur at this time. More or less these were statements of intent between couples, which were not legally binding. The trial marriages (engagements) typically occurred between a couple before deciding to take a further step into a legally binding union. It seems ancient wisdom understood that one does not really know another until they have lived with them, and when you live together things change and we change, as well. With this understanding unions were entered upon, first as a test period, and then if desired, a further commitment could be taken. It through always knowing that it is only through the choice of both to remain, that the relationship exists favorably.

May, however, according to old folklore is not a favorable time for marriages in the legal and permanent sense. There is reference after reference in the old books of this belief, and according to my Irish grandmother, May is not the month to marry, woe is to had by those who do. I can understand the premise of this folklore, May is the Goddess and God’s handfasting month, all honor would be Hers and His.

Water is another important association of Beltane, water is refreshing and rejuvenating, it is also imperative to life. It is said that if you bathe in the dew gathered before dawn on Beltane morn, your beauty will flourish throughout the year. Those who are sprinkled with May dew are insured of health and happiness. There are other folk customs such as drinking from the well before sunrise on Beltane Morn to insure good health and fortune.

The central color of Beltane is green. Green is the color of growth, abundance, plentiful harvest, abundant crops, fertility, and luck. White is another color that is customary, white brings the energies of cleansing, peace, spirituality, and the power to dispel negativity. Another color is red who brings along the qualities of energy, strength, sex, vibrancy, quickening, health, consummation and retention. Sun energy, life force and happiness are brought to Beltane by the color yellow. Blues and purples (Sagittarius energies: expansion, Good Fortune, magic, spiritual power, Success), and pinks (Venus energies). Beltane is rich in vibrant color, lighting the eyes and cheering the Spirit as we leave the dreariness of winter behind.

It is customary to bake a colorful fruit and spiced filled bread for festivals in the Celtic lands, traditionally this festival bread is sweet dough made with sweetmeat and spices. In Scotland they are the bannock – Bonnach Bealtain – for Beltane, in Wales – Bara Brith, Ireland it is Barm Brack and in Brittany Morlaix Brioche. For Beltane this bread was made the eve before Beltane day, is it said that the bread should not allow it to come into contact with steel during preparation (steel is harmful, deadly to the faery folk).

Bannocks are actually uncut scones originally cooked on a griddle. Wheat does not grow well in the Highlands, originally bannocks were made with oat or barley flour made into dough with little water and no leavening. Traditionally, a portion of the cake was burned or marked with ashes. The recipient of the burnt cake jumped over a small fire three times to purify and cleanse him or herself of any ill fortune. Offerings of bannocks and drink are traditionally left on doorsteps and roadways for the Faeries as an offering, in hope of faery blessings.

May is the month of sensuality and sexuality revitalized, the reawakening of the earth and Her Children. It is the time when we reawaken to the vivid colors, vibrant scents, tingling summer breezes, and the rapture of summer after a long dormant winter. It is a time of extraordinary expression of earth, animal, and person a time of great enchantment and celebration.

The excitement and beauty of Beltane can not be better expressed than through the gaiety and joy of our children. There is not doubt "spring fever" hits at Beltane, and hits hard. Children are full of unbridled energy charged up and ready to go! Children always amplify the seasonal energies and the thrill of their change, they bring richness and merriment wherever they go.

It is the child’s unrestrained expression of bliss and delight that is what Beltane is all about. It is the sheer joy of running through fields, picking flowers, rapturing in the sunlight, delighting in the fragrance of spring, dancing in the fresh dew covered grass. Our children guide us through the natural abandonment of our adult sensibilities and show us how to take grand pleasure, warmth and bliss from the gift of Beltane.

Blessed Beltane to you and yours!

Christina Aubin, Beltaine 2000

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Buy your  3 day tickets in advance save $15 pay only $60 for 3 days full of great events and free camping! see site for motels 15 min away and map etc I day $35
purchase tickets at gate cash only 3 days $75 1 day $40

advance tickets also available at Wild Iris Books
for a taste of the festival see below

  • Awesome poetry – Robin G White, Corky Culver and others Fri and Sat Nights
  • Magical Mystery Tour to the Goddess Fri Night
    – a guided musical journey by Flash and Bernadette Carter
  • Drumming and Sweat Lodge Fri and possibly Sat Night after Nightstage performances. 
  • Cate Miller,Amber, Leigh and Maria, Flash and others will open Festival with a Drum Circle Fri Night
    (bring your drums and percussion instruments to jam!!!)
  • Belly Dancing with Ananga-manjari dasi with drum and music jam Fri Night
  • The Blues Sisters and friends will  Rock the House and Elevate with you big time on Sat Night
  • Aurora Whitebird , Anna Schwait Morningstar, Lynn Baney, Amber Dancing Deer, Eva Squires
    – Lakota Sweatlodge 
  • Amber Dancing Deer – Priestess, Land Blessing, Lodge
  • Billie Luisi Potts – Herbal healing in the 2nd Half of Life, Back to Basics, Rebuilding Spiritual Confidence Through The Dianic Tarot
  • Flash Silvermoon – Rebuilding Spiritual Confidence Through the Dianic Tarot, Creating Sacred Relationships with Animals, Rock n Roll Stone Healing, Priestess/founder. Blues Sister
  • Robin G White – Poet performing Lesbian Erotica and other  poems of love and politics, I wrote it, Now What Do I Do? writers wkshp.
  • Cherie Lyon – Alchemical Priestess, Connecting With Your Ancestral Lineage
  • Omi Aladora Ajamu – Yoruba Priest, Blues Sister
    – Goddesses of the Yoruba
  • Omito Salewa Ajamu and Duni – Yoruba Priest,African Dance
  • Ann Harman – Osteopathic Physician – Power of the Pelvis, Bones For Life                                                       
  • Lylly Rodriguez –  Reiki To Heal The Planet
  • Woody Blue – Burnout and Nutrition
  • Jenifer Downey – Acupuncture, Quigong
  • Corky Culver – Poet Extraordinaire, performance artist
  • Denise Burnsed – Blues Sister Ace of the Bass
  • Ananga-manjari Bauer – Purnasya Yoga, Belly dancing
  • Maria Minno – Plant Communication Circle
  • Dev Amrit – The Healing Power of Creative Writing
  • Cate Miller – Drum Circle  Drum with Sisters of Bodacious Rhythm
  • On Sight Coordinators Eva Squires and Cindy Harrington *

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March comes sliding in with 5, count them, 5 planets in the watery sign of Pisces! Will it be rain or sleet or snow, who knows these days except maybe my Appaloosa mare Chinamoon? She is the best Weather Woman that I know. Transiting Uranus and Global Warming are making predicting the weather a real crap shoot.
With Jupiter, the planet of expansion , conjoined with the Sun whatever happens, it will be big. Some of the heavy and contracted feelings that took us through the winter months are starting to ebb as a high tide of optimism starts to breath fresh life into our spirits desperate for that Spring  thaw.
Piscean Beatle George Harrison said it well in Here Comes the Sun. "Little Darling its been a long and lonely winter.Little darling its been a year since its been here. Here Comes the Sun."
What a way to welcome the Spring Equinox which occurs later this month on the 20th, ah but I digress!
On the third of March, Venus and Uranus will cuddle up for the conjunction creating some very unconventional sexual and relational energies. As a matter of fact, this could be  the very energy needed to push Don’t Ask Don’t Tell right through. I mean if Cheney and the brass  are  starting to "turn", the end of this homophobic terrorism within the military must be coming to an end!
Many shifts and changes on March 12, most importantly, the direct motion of Mars, the Planet of War. If you have been feeling that slow burn and clenching your teeth over issues that normally would not phase you, you will feel a tremendous release and relief as Mars finally gets to move forward and express itself freely.
Treaties that are flimsy at best and truces that are built on false promises are apt to explode under the rush of Martian energy. On top of that, Venus moves into the sign of Aries and is now square dancing cheek to cheek with a darker partner, Pluto.
All relationships are likely to manifest intense power struggles be they romantic, sexual, or political.
If you find yourself  under the cloud of this Venus/Pluto square and your relationship feels like it is operating inside a Chinese handcuff, the only solution is to let go.That doesn’t mean let go of the relationship, rather  let go of the need to control. Unconditional surrender to Aphrodite feels a lot better than being right!
One more aspect, the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron can throw us into a cauldron of emotional chaos as we seek to heal old wounds.
The New Moon in Pisces on the Ides of March will be a little weirder than usual as it comes within a degree of rebellious Uranus and by the next day, the Sun will be exact with energies that can hit like a lightning bolt
All this is leading to a greater need for us to really become more honest with ourselves and more radically being ourselves. When you stop and review all the push/ pull struggles and contracted feelings of the last several months, you can see how this shift is maneuvering us towards more personal, global freedom and integrity.
In political and international circles, they may be longing for the stuck and repressive feelings of November/December. For better or worse, the spin doctors and lobbyists will be less likely to be able to pull the wool over our collective eyes or create endless logjams in Congress.
Getting back to more esoteric issues, March 20, the Vernal Equinox. the first day of Spring should have us all feeling very feisty as Mars trines the Sun firing up our energies in a major way. Saturn who has been quietly waiting for a chance to get all restrictive on us sits opposite the Sun saying, "Not so fast kids you have to think about tomorrow."
The good and the bad news here is that  anything that could tend to explode with all the fire energy can’t go too far.
Mars and Saturn will end the month in relative harmony ideally bringing out the best of both energies allowing for wise forward motion.
We have learned through harder times that we must make changes to live more responsibly on all levels or face the consequences.
That being said, the economy could see some stabilization and even prosperity.
The Full Moon in Libra closes out the month on the 29th leaving us with a more gentle feeling of balance and harmony. With all the shifts and changes at the last minute, perhaps our old three-ringed friend Saturn, is doing some of her best work stabilizing the over all picture keeping us all from flying off our orbits.
SPRING SPECIAL!! Get your chart done and get transits for free!
352 4752432
ARIES – Well, we won’t talk about the beginning of the month but by Equinox, it’s all mine. I don’t really like to admit it but I do kind of like it that way any day. Yeah we Aries folk can be territorial yet we are very, very independent. Geez all these Piscean planets are like truth serum. I don’t usually tell you all this stuff until you  find me out. But hey. what you see is what you get with me and if I seem to have a double standard going on well….you know you want me, you really want me because I am never better than in the spring time. Aries embodies that dynamic essence that makes everything pop and grow and go looking for LOVE and, I am all that and a bag of grass seed.
TAURUS – Oh Aries, your puffed up posturing gets me tired. Keep in mind we all have our time to shine and I am always one to wait for something good. I am nothing if not patient and by the 31st, Venus in my sign so I am going to spend the early part of the month making myself more suitable for the Goddess of Love to bequeath me with her favors. Let’s see, I am pretty satisfied with me as is but  some spa days, a good massage with heavenly essential oils, and maybe a little update on my coif would  be nice. I tend to keep too man keepsakes around the house so a good spring clean and a bedroom full of candles might be just the thing. Come and get me, this Taurus is ready for love!
GEMINI – Spring is in the air oh yeay! So much I want to do, so what’s new right. Really though I do feel kind of renewed and just getting out of the deep freeze is enough to get me going and buzzing around the neighborhood and all points South. This is actually a good start for me  because I have been bored out of my gourd, if ya want to know. Sometimes moving my body gets my brain stimulated and with all the Piscean energy, I think its high time that I get myself to the nearest water that I can find that is not my bathtub or shower. I have made so many new friends on social networks and that has kept me really busy in cyber world but I have a hunger for the real world  or at least one of my twins does right now, could change. I’ll keep ya posted.
CANCER – Did you say hungry? I want to know what the hell I can eat that does not have chemicals, mercury, too much fat, too much salt, too many carbs, and too little flavor. OK I am over it now, just had to say.
Must be the wrong time of the Moon for me today feelin’ kind of crabby but let me tell you if the stars and planets were doing you like they are doing me ….OK so I had another rant in me, sue me! This Cancer is longing for her peaceful pool. Pisces energy is helping but with Saturn and Pluto whacking me periodically its hard to catch my breadth. All that being said, a sweet Spring fling, or more, would be just what the witch doctor ordered. I don’t mind having to take the bitter now and again as long as there is more sweet, Sweet Oshun and your sis Aphrodite, drip some honey my way pleeez.
LEO – Aries you may feel hot now but I have it all the time. I am not only King of the Jungle but I am Queen of the Zodiac just check your Astrology books you’ll see. The Sun is exalted in Leo, get it Exalted, that means, the BEST. I don’t need to toot my horn even though I do, I got references. I am feeling the Spring coming in my bones and my energy has a little more charge. Even I have been holed up this winter. Global Warming my behind, why am I so cold? I know, it has the opposite effect at times. As I stretch my supple body in the sun I feel the new life and promise of warmer times filtering down into my heart which is feeling oddly full. No need to rush the romance tasting too new shoots, I would rather wait and indulge myself in the feeling of plunging deeply into a plump juicy fruit.
VIRGO – Why Ms Leo, you actually sound poetic, must be slow moving Neptune has worn down some of your edges and made a sweet and gentle lion out of you. Neptune ruled Pisces has just about left me water logged with so many planets in her boundary-less signs. I like details, plans, clear commitments and they are few and far between these days. Doesn’t anyone get the idea about routines  any more. I voted for Change but did it have to mean everything? I have to work my behind off every week doing the work of 2 just to keep my job. They know that I will do it too because I always do because I am one of the few that still has the pride in a job well done. Yes Leo, I have pride too, not  for the things you value but in making this a better world.
LIBRA – Life is kind of feeling like a seesaw these days. When Saturn isn’t bearing down on this Libra, all the pleasant Libra characteristics shine through except I still can’t make a decision worth a damn. You never know when these more challenging times are going to return, unless you consult a good astrologer that is but other than that it seems so random. The problem is that I like to try to balance everything and with the Universe seeming like a tremendous pendulum swinging madly to and fro, it is quite the energy drain. Could be that my faith is being tested to the max. Hard to give up that illusion of control. I always thought that I would go with the flow but I guess that I am just not that  much like a Pisces and this month, the Fish really have it made. I got it! Maybe I need to date one, I like to be in a couple anyway. See I can make a decision, I will date a Pisces. But…which one?
SCORPIO – Silly Libra, are you so superficial that you can just decide who to love? I have to really feel someone deep inside my soul to want to share love with them. Sex, now that can be a different story, but even sex needs to feel pretty deep and passionate for me to want to bother with all the drama. I don’t know why everyone thinks Scorpios are just all about sex, I mean it is important and it keeps the body well lubricated, pushes past energy blocks, opens all the channels in the mind, body and Spirit and essentially is the closest that we humans  can come to union with the Divine while in our bodies. Who needs all that, right! There’s always money and I always feel a lot sexier with some money in my pocket and a pile in the bank. Probably Pluto in Capricorn driving me more to the money these days. Gotta get my priorities in order so I can get all those great health benefits. Goddess knows the government isn’t making that happen.
SAGITTARIUS – Wow I think I wanna get some of those good health benefits too. I am so devoted to my Spiritual Path that perhaps I can hasten my connection with the Divine in the bedroom instead of the ashram? I have been feeling so much more energy these days that I have been putting in more hours in the gym but I am always one to synthesize and blend options so maybe more sexual expression can  give me both a physical and spiritual workout. People, does that not beat the hell out of a treadmill and chanting OM. OK Kali, I will learn Tantric Sex and still scream OM I Goddess as I stare into the eyes of my beloved as we drift on a cosmic wave of bliss floating somewhere over Shangrila. Cool, I get to travel too, I am liking this plan better and better.
I have a new Health Regime and Spiritual Direction with travel benefits, a Sagittarius delight!
CAPRICORN – I don’t wanna be a kill joy or anything but silly Saggie, how do you plan on paying your bills unless you have designs on being a Tantric Sexual Surrogate? OK sometimes I just can’t get my mind out of the boardroom and I fear that I may become way too boring. Maybe I am just jealous of your abandon. Maybe I need more down time and specifically, "get down time." I mean,  I have been eating stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner climbing the corporate ladder as if that was going to fill my cup. It does fill my car and my refrigerator and my bank book and I am having to pay larger bills to relax and take care of my declining health. Part of it is that I have been finding such stimulation with work since Pluto moved in on my Sun but I know there must be more for me and I am going to find it.
AQUARIUS – Sometimes I don’t show where and when I feel old wounds coming up but lately I can’t seem to avoid them. I am the consummate alien, always living just outside the mainstream and liking my edgy place on the wheel. Nobody knows just how badly I want to belong sometimes. Don’t cry for me Argentina  though because I can take it. The majority is always wrong and there is nothing as constant as change. I know better than getting too comfortable with anything but sometimes it gets a little hard holding up this brave  anarchistic front. Neptune and Chiron sitting on my Sun has gotten me kind of soft and vulnerable and its scary out there and in here. My old tricks don’t work so well anymore. I think the deal for me is that if I am to really be authentic, I need to drop this I don’t need any body attitude and find some true friends where I can express all facets of myself even the parts that are, dare I say, ordinary!
PISCES – Ahh, I have been basking in a Piscean pool of flowing energy and mind bending possibilities that are taking me all over the Universe. It’s all good stuff too but with Jupiter in my sign and now Venus, the sky is not the limit! Venus won’t be here for very long so I better try to draw her out of the ethers. She must be hiding or maybe I need to go to the Tantric Sex workshop with Sag and Scorpio. I kind of like them a lot anyway. I am certainly feeling much more creative in everything that I do. So nice to have all these luminaries shining on me for a change. Our world is one of mystery even to us and we Pisces like a little and sometimes a lot of mystery especially if its good. Most Pisces don’t usually go in for a lot of dark scary stuff, we rather have sweet fantasies with happy endings. With both Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, "Too much of a good thing can be marvelous!" [Mae West]

@ Florida Coalition For peace and Justice Camp, Hampton,N. Central Fl, 1/2 hr  from Gainesville
One of the Nation’s only Multi Traditional Goddess Festivals for Women
only $60 in advance for 3 days of music, magic,Lakota Sweatlodge, workshops, camping,concerts, poetry, healing and drumming circles, and an incredible Healing Ritual for the Planet led by Priestesses from 4 traditions to RAISE THE VIBE FOR THE TRIBE
Presenters: Billie Luisi Potts, author of Witches Heal and Amazon Tarot
Flash Silvermoon, author of the Wise Woman’s Tarot,Founder of the Festival, and part of The Blues Sisters dance Sat nite
Robin G White, author of Resurrection and First Breath, a collection of Lesbian erotica, Georgia Author of the Year
Cherie Lyon, Alchemical Priestess of the Ancestral Tradition
Omi Aladora
Ajamu, Priestess of Yemonja, Blues Sisters
Lylly Rodriguez, Shamanic Reiki for the Planet
Ann Harman, Osteo Physician, Certified Practitioner of Feldenkrais
Dev Amrit, Aurora Whitebird ,Amber Dancing Deer, Maria Minno, Corky Culver, Omito Salewa Ajamu, Jennifer Downey, Aranga manjari Dasi, Woody Blue, Anna Schwait,and many more awesome women and YOU!
CONTACT FLASH SILVERMOON 352 4752432 @ website will be updated soon
3 day advance $60 // 3 day gate cash only $75
1 day advance  $35 // 1 day gate cash only $40
a few work scholarships advance only 
tickets  local @ Wild Iris Books or  on Flashes website or email Flash
Vendors, motels 15 min away for non campers, delicious food for sale
Call The Sleep Inn in Waldo Fl for the WWFestival rate 352 4682500

Flash Silvermoon Internet Radio Show What the Animals Tell Me every Wed 8:30-9PM EST Live Feed and Listen to my Archives anytime!
Join Flash Silvermoon and her guests on "What the Animals Tell Me" via phone 507-726-4217 + 100363 or chat room

click on chatroom and sign in with name or text message 734-277-2733.  Be the third caller, guest talker, or text message and Receive a PIVTR tee shirt.

*Nationally renown Animal Communicator,Vibrational Healer,Psychic and Author Flash Silvermoon presents this wonderful show devoted to bringing people and animals into greater harmony.*

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