~ A Valentine’s Day Love Spell ~

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time of the year for women and men to perform love magic. To attract a new lover into your life, draw a bath during any of the Venus hours of this day (7:00 am, 2:00 pm, or 9:00 pm). To the bathwater add a handful of rose petals and six drops of music oil. (Six is a magical number ruled by Venus.) To enhance the spell, burn love-attracting incense such as African violet, cherry, cinnamon, gardenia, ginger, hibiscus, jasmine, lavender, lotus, rose, strawberry, or vanilla. Surround the tub with the flickering flames of pink candles and then fill your mind with romantic thoughts as you bathe and whisper the following rhyme: “Lover hear me call to thee. Let these words enchant and draw. Lover find your way to me. Love is the magic, love is the law. As it is willed, so mote it be.”
… by Gerina Dunwich

…from Spell-a-Day Almanacs


Have a Blessed Valentine Day with lots of love.LadyDawn


About LadyDawn The Writer

I am a Disabled Lesbian homemaker. I writer, fictional, fantasy, romance, and humor stories. I love to do gardening, cooking, canning, sewing, and computers. I am also Microsoft certified in computers plus have my Network and A+. So I kind of know my way around computers Don't y'all think.
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