That slippery little trickster Mercury evaded my penetrating vision as I made my way through the planetary pile up of the Grand Cardinal Cross in my ASTROFLASH  last month. Mercury went retrograde for 3 weeks on Aug 20 until Sept.12 so do mark your calendars and hopefully you will have gotten all your important business tied up before then or wait til after the12th to set things in stone.
So many of us live inside that rat race chasing our tails trying to keep up with a world wildly careening pell mell towards some hope of retirement, to one day taking that time to smell the flowers when the bills are finally paid, when the kids are finally in college, when you finally get your divorce from the one who doesn’t understand you and could care less!
The Cardinal Square  energy that I have been referring to these last few months asks us to each step out of our cages, self imposed or otherwise.
With several planets in Virgo,This month and time is for sorting out, and Mercury in Virgo is such a good sorter. Time to really re order your priorities so that your focus is truly on what has meaning for you rather than what you are just doing.
You have no doubt heard the typical mercury retrograde warnings.
Don’t sign anything, buy anything,commit to anything permanent,refrain from large purchase especially electrical and mechanical things. Don’t have sex for the first time in your new relationship when mercury goes retro[ fine chance of that happening ] Double and triple check meetings and messages and be sure to give the benefit of the doubt in controversy as nobody will really know the whole story!
OK, those are some of the DON’TS, NOW HOW ABOUT THE DO’S!!
Do take the time to De clutter your house, mind,closets,garden,and social calendar so that you can make room for the new energy coming in when Mercury goes direct which will occur this time on Sept 12. Take all those half done projects and bring them to completion so that when Mercury goes direct, you will be ready to roll.
Since we do not live in a culture that includes and honors down time, we need to try to integrate that into our lives much more til the12th.
Some of the challenges we face in trying to live lives more connected to natural and astrological cycles is that Patriarchal Gregorian calendars simply have no such orientation. When we want to observe these more inner times and keep up our work schedules, it can be a challenge.
Its not that you can’t forge ahead during the retrograde but it simply is not energy efficient. Why swim upstream when you can go with the flow?
I am taking the time to  explain a bit more about the retrograde energy because there are 7, count them, 7 planets including asteroid Chiron moving backwards at this time so it’s not just Mercury creating this need for a pause.
The New Moon  in Virgo on the 8th will also underscore a culling and prioritizing so that our goals and path are more streamlined when both Mercury and Pluto go direct on the 12th and 13th respectively. Then, we can fly forward with conviction.
With Uranus backtracking into Pisces, we are being given a little respite from the planetary firestorm of the summer and it is now time to integrate all the major shifts and dynamic changes we have set in motion. The Grand Cross energy is still in play but as the month rolls on the intensity will weaken a bit til the Full Moon in Aries.If you have been dragging your feet, you will find you may feel a little more tossed in the swirling Piscean waters. The message is still, Find the New You Being Reborn as we approach the true Dawning of the Aquarian Age!.
With several planets in Libra , we may also be prone to do some fence sitting but it may also be a time to let romance sizzle a bit as we learn to merge in a more balanced way.Saturn won’t have it any other way  whether the relationships are between lovers or countries.
On Sept.23, we will have a most potent Full Moon in Aries. I learned much about this particular Full Moon from the newly departed,wise and witty witch, Marion Weinstein who referred to the Aries Full Moon as the Blood Moon because in ancient it was a time of  animal sacrifices. She also suggested that this was such a dangerous time because we are in the death throes of the Patriarchy. She suggested, and I heartily agree that it is best to not to go to places where one is likely to encounter a dangerous element on this night.
The good news for this  time is that Saturn is moving further from the square to Pluto and the whole Cardinal Square thing. The bad news is I can see the possibility of a really bad storm on this day with the Full Moon conjoining both Jupiter and Uranus making the tides run exceptionally high and with Neptune and Chiron back being Siamese twins again, we could have both wild winds and water. I hope that I am totally wrong too. So do be prepared.Either way, this moon could bring some most intense global events with it.
Times are changing and there is no well defined generic road map,however, by becoming more acquainted with your particular chart and the effects of the transits, you have an incredible guide which will offer you dates and times where you are more likely to succeed or have difficulties.
ARIES – OK, who turned off the light? I mean I was positively on fire and now i still feel that deep compelling need to make the important changes in my life but the  huge fiery push I was getting seems to have fizzled. Now trust me, I am not changing my course just not feeling the urgency as much. Makes me  wonder what’s going on but since Uranus slid back to Pisces for awhile I will need to keep swimming forward whether or not I feel totally in my element.
TAURUS – I can’t complain too much because all this crazy cardinal square crap hasn’t really rocked my world much. Its as if everything out there is spinning wildly and I am like the rock that holds steady and continues on my daily routine without too much drama unless of course one of my sweeties has her world in an uproar in which case my solid predictable vibe can get kind of turbulent. When Venus and Mars head  over to Scorpio after the 8th I just know the heat will be on and this Taurian will be rollin’ in hot chocolate.
GEMINI – I can feel that Fall breeze  trying to break through this record summer heat. Good old murky Mercury, my ruling planet will be moonwalking backwards in Virgo no less so I had better  be more conscious  about what I say to whom. last time I created a hell of a mess and I really didn’t mean to, I never do, its just that I am so ideaphoric. Thoughts blow in and just as quickly blow right out again its just that  many of them blow out of my mouth before I have the time to think them through.
CANCER – Change, change, change! Now I see it, now i don’t. I sure can feel the roll of that oceanic wave though and hope that it will be gentle with me. Emotions rise and fall like the tides and  I can feel a sense of release as the rains come and come down all around. Nature is vibrant and not burning but these shifts have me feeling a bit off balance.. I am ready to see solid land, the oasis promised by Venus and Mars and I do believe they will heat up the waters but good when they dance around each other again but this time in Scorpio.
LEO – Ah, always a tiny bit sad to leave my month in the Sun, not to worry though as I always have plenty of flame left to warm the embers  as we all start to return to our routines.My job is to never let the rest of you forget that all the world is a stage and we can act out our creative fantasies whenever! I fully intend to create infinitely more art and projects to delight and amuse myself. I am going to extend this wild hot summer til the very last moment that I can scrape out of it.
VIRGO – Beat it Leo, this is MY month. Finally I will be noticed for  my substantial contributions and its about time. I know its the squeaky wheel that gets oiled but I hate to be a whiner. People should just see me for who I am  and I am the backbone of any group that I am a part. This is also a very good time for me to pay more attention to my doings as well and set the precedent. If I respect my time and efforts more, then others will follow my example. That just makes so much sense, a light bulb moment!
LIBRA – Saturn is quite the load but it has been so so lovely to have Mars and Venus waltzing around in Libra that I almost didn’t notice. Let’s face it, I rather not look at the less comfortable stuff ever but I kind of feel like Saturn and I will be face to face in no time like it or not. I will need to face the Lord of Obstacles and find a way to move on through.I can see how  I could also find the added demand for structure to offer its own benefits.
SCORPIO – Ha! you are all so jealous that Venus and Mars will be all mine after the 9th! I’m not big on sharing but if you play nicely with me, there is no telling what we can manage. You are all gonna want you some Scorpio for a change. Out of the closets and into the sheets I say! Its all good and finally its time to explore my deepest desires. Seems like they always need to be sublimated or ride in the back seat. Now, they are on the front burner and I’m gonna let them sizzle.
SAGITTARIUS – Wow the energies are making this Sagittarius swing and sway. Plenty of air to swell my sails and keep my fire roaring and the watery side of my nature has got flow to go. So many possibilities that I find myself deluged with choices and not much of an anchor or rudder to steer me any which way. This is the Sea, the Sea of possibilities and movement feels appropriate just don;t want Mercury’s retro undertow to pull me too far off course.
CAPRICORN – I find it quite pleasant to see the corporate corruption finally being exposed like just so much dirty laundry. I slave for the pittance I am afforded and keep the big wheel’s turning but I am rarely some Proud Mary. Still I derive a measure of hopefulness by seeing the apple-cart upset and know that I am not laying under it. If you think that I sound completely surly, remember that Pluto will be running my show for the next dozen years or so so I will not suffer fools lightly nor will I roll over for the New World Order! Fight the Good Fight.
AQUARIUS – Doing the whirlpool dance with Neptune and Chiron again. Hard to know which end is up but I can imagine that we will be rockin’ and rollin’ before too long. The Wild Winds of Change will be blowing politically, naturally, and personally and it will be best to figure out where your resistance lies and remove it before it is removed from you. I know  Aquarius is a fixed sign and we do not bend easily but this would be one of those good times to acquire some flexibility.
PISCES – Oh boy, Uranus and Jupiter are in my sign again. I wonder what magical mystery tour I will find myself on this time. That Uranian energy sure cranks up the iconoclast in me and everything is so much more electric including me. So many weird body sensations that I can’t even describe, no doubt ye old rewiring of the DNA again. We Pisces have a wide spectrum of beliefs and will explore many versions of reality without denying or bonding to either. I will surely expose myself to a myriad of cultures.
Through ASTROFLASH,  I have endeavored to offer more gender neutral astrology to speak to all sexual preferences and identities.
If you know your Rising sign, your personal reading will be more accurate if you read the passage for that sign as well as your Sun sign.

For deeper questions and readings of an Astrological or Psychic nature, feel free to call 352 4752432 for an apt.or contact me through my website
New Moon Sept 8 , Sept 23 Full Moon in Aries,
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I have committed to personally do this every day and the feeling and the connection is palpable and so exhilarating. Feels like something that I was born to do so even if its not on the Full or New Moon and you want to join me  give a call and we can make an arrangement.
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