~ Solar Success Spell ~

Today is the final day of the Roman festival of Floralia, goddess of flowers and vegetation; the festival was also one of pleasure and licentiousness, and prostitutes considered this their own special day. While you’re more than welcome to have your own private celebrations of the latter sort, a more family-friendly celebration can include planting and blessing a garden. This need not be a huge urban farm; a small window box or pot full of herbs will suffice. If the weather permits, put in your seeds and sprouts today; otherwise, feel free to bless what you’ve already planted, or the ground that you’ll sow in.
From deep, dark earth the green shoots grow,
And further down the roots do go.
I’ll tend them well, and meet their needs,
Fertilized, watered, and free of weeds!
… by Lupa


About LadyDawn The Writer

I am a Disabled Lesbian homemaker. I writer, fictional, fantasy, romance, and humor stories. I love to do gardening, cooking, canning, sewing, and computers. I am also Microsoft certified in computers plus have my Network and A+. So I kind of know my way around computers Don't y'all think.
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