Earth Day 2010-Blessing To Gaia


Prayer to Gaia~Sprit of The Divine Feminine

Beloved Gaia, Mother Earth, I bow to your mystery.  You who have conceived and created all life, I drink your cool water and eat your nourishing plants as communion.  You who destroy and stand by the dying, I accept your pruning with thankfulness.  Gaia, teach me your compassion, patience, and forgiveness.  Clothe me in your bright beauty, sprinkle sun and moonshine in my eyes.  Infuse me with your power so I can work with you.  Show me harmonious ways.  Teach me to live fully each season in turn, diving into the bounty and the dearth.  Remind me to turn deep within the wilderness for your guidance.  Let each moment of work, play, rest, loving, creating, dying, be in remembrance to you

Green Hint

Planting? No chemical fertilizers or pesticides, period, on your lawn or garden. Runoff enters our drinking water and  regarding our lovelyessential oils, remember, if it’s in the soil, it’s in the oil

Blue Moon Herbals


About LadyDawn The Writer

I am a Disabled Lesbian homemaker. I writer, fictional, fantasy, romance, and humor stories. I love to do gardening, cooking, canning, sewing, and computers. I am also Microsoft certified in computers plus have my Network and A+. So I kind of know my way around computers Don't y'all think.
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