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March comes sliding in with 5, count them, 5 planets in the watery sign of Pisces! Will it be rain or sleet or snow, who knows these days except maybe my Appaloosa mare Chinamoon? She is the best Weather Woman that I know. Transiting Uranus and Global Warming are making predicting the weather a real crap shoot.
With Jupiter, the planet of expansion , conjoined with the Sun whatever happens, it will be big. Some of the heavy and contracted feelings that took us through the winter months are starting to ebb as a high tide of optimism starts to breath fresh life into our spirits desperate for that Spring  thaw.
Piscean Beatle George Harrison said it well in Here Comes the Sun. "Little Darling its been a long and lonely winter.Little darling its been a year since its been here. Here Comes the Sun."
What a way to welcome the Spring Equinox which occurs later this month on the 20th, ah but I digress!
On the third of March, Venus and Uranus will cuddle up for the conjunction creating some very unconventional sexual and relational energies. As a matter of fact, this could be  the very energy needed to push Don’t Ask Don’t Tell right through. I mean if Cheney and the brass  are  starting to "turn", the end of this homophobic terrorism within the military must be coming to an end!
Many shifts and changes on March 12, most importantly, the direct motion of Mars, the Planet of War. If you have been feeling that slow burn and clenching your teeth over issues that normally would not phase you, you will feel a tremendous release and relief as Mars finally gets to move forward and express itself freely.
Treaties that are flimsy at best and truces that are built on false promises are apt to explode under the rush of Martian energy. On top of that, Venus moves into the sign of Aries and is now square dancing cheek to cheek with a darker partner, Pluto.
All relationships are likely to manifest intense power struggles be they romantic, sexual, or political.
If you find yourself  under the cloud of this Venus/Pluto square and your relationship feels like it is operating inside a Chinese handcuff, the only solution is to let go.That doesn’t mean let go of the relationship, rather  let go of the need to control. Unconditional surrender to Aphrodite feels a lot better than being right!
One more aspect, the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron can throw us into a cauldron of emotional chaos as we seek to heal old wounds.
The New Moon in Pisces on the Ides of March will be a little weirder than usual as it comes within a degree of rebellious Uranus and by the next day, the Sun will be exact with energies that can hit like a lightning bolt
All this is leading to a greater need for us to really become more honest with ourselves and more radically being ourselves. When you stop and review all the push/ pull struggles and contracted feelings of the last several months, you can see how this shift is maneuvering us towards more personal, global freedom and integrity.
In political and international circles, they may be longing for the stuck and repressive feelings of November/December. For better or worse, the spin doctors and lobbyists will be less likely to be able to pull the wool over our collective eyes or create endless logjams in Congress.
Getting back to more esoteric issues, March 20, the Vernal Equinox. the first day of Spring should have us all feeling very feisty as Mars trines the Sun firing up our energies in a major way. Saturn who has been quietly waiting for a chance to get all restrictive on us sits opposite the Sun saying, "Not so fast kids you have to think about tomorrow."
The good and the bad news here is that  anything that could tend to explode with all the fire energy can’t go too far.
Mars and Saturn will end the month in relative harmony ideally bringing out the best of both energies allowing for wise forward motion.
We have learned through harder times that we must make changes to live more responsibly on all levels or face the consequences.
That being said, the economy could see some stabilization and even prosperity.
The Full Moon in Libra closes out the month on the 29th leaving us with a more gentle feeling of balance and harmony. With all the shifts and changes at the last minute, perhaps our old three-ringed friend Saturn, is doing some of her best work stabilizing the over all picture keeping us all from flying off our orbits.
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ARIES – Well, we won’t talk about the beginning of the month but by Equinox, it’s all mine. I don’t really like to admit it but I do kind of like it that way any day. Yeah we Aries folk can be territorial yet we are very, very independent. Geez all these Piscean planets are like truth serum. I don’t usually tell you all this stuff until you  find me out. But hey. what you see is what you get with me and if I seem to have a double standard going on well….you know you want me, you really want me because I am never better than in the spring time. Aries embodies that dynamic essence that makes everything pop and grow and go looking for LOVE and, I am all that and a bag of grass seed.
TAURUS – Oh Aries, your puffed up posturing gets me tired. Keep in mind we all have our time to shine and I am always one to wait for something good. I am nothing if not patient and by the 31st, Venus in my sign so I am going to spend the early part of the month making myself more suitable for the Goddess of Love to bequeath me with her favors. Let’s see, I am pretty satisfied with me as is but  some spa days, a good massage with heavenly essential oils, and maybe a little update on my coif would  be nice. I tend to keep too man keepsakes around the house so a good spring clean and a bedroom full of candles might be just the thing. Come and get me, this Taurus is ready for love!
GEMINI – Spring is in the air oh yeay! So much I want to do, so what’s new right. Really though I do feel kind of renewed and just getting out of the deep freeze is enough to get me going and buzzing around the neighborhood and all points South. This is actually a good start for me  because I have been bored out of my gourd, if ya want to know. Sometimes moving my body gets my brain stimulated and with all the Piscean energy, I think its high time that I get myself to the nearest water that I can find that is not my bathtub or shower. I have made so many new friends on social networks and that has kept me really busy in cyber world but I have a hunger for the real world  or at least one of my twins does right now, could change. I’ll keep ya posted.
CANCER – Did you say hungry? I want to know what the hell I can eat that does not have chemicals, mercury, too much fat, too much salt, too many carbs, and too little flavor. OK I am over it now, just had to say.
Must be the wrong time of the Moon for me today feelin’ kind of crabby but let me tell you if the stars and planets were doing you like they are doing me ….OK so I had another rant in me, sue me! This Cancer is longing for her peaceful pool. Pisces energy is helping but with Saturn and Pluto whacking me periodically its hard to catch my breadth. All that being said, a sweet Spring fling, or more, would be just what the witch doctor ordered. I don’t mind having to take the bitter now and again as long as there is more sweet, Sweet Oshun and your sis Aphrodite, drip some honey my way pleeez.
LEO – Aries you may feel hot now but I have it all the time. I am not only King of the Jungle but I am Queen of the Zodiac just check your Astrology books you’ll see. The Sun is exalted in Leo, get it Exalted, that means, the BEST. I don’t need to toot my horn even though I do, I got references. I am feeling the Spring coming in my bones and my energy has a little more charge. Even I have been holed up this winter. Global Warming my behind, why am I so cold? I know, it has the opposite effect at times. As I stretch my supple body in the sun I feel the new life and promise of warmer times filtering down into my heart which is feeling oddly full. No need to rush the romance tasting too new shoots, I would rather wait and indulge myself in the feeling of plunging deeply into a plump juicy fruit.
VIRGO – Why Ms Leo, you actually sound poetic, must be slow moving Neptune has worn down some of your edges and made a sweet and gentle lion out of you. Neptune ruled Pisces has just about left me water logged with so many planets in her boundary-less signs. I like details, plans, clear commitments and they are few and far between these days. Doesn’t anyone get the idea about routines  any more. I voted for Change but did it have to mean everything? I have to work my behind off every week doing the work of 2 just to keep my job. They know that I will do it too because I always do because I am one of the few that still has the pride in a job well done. Yes Leo, I have pride too, not  for the things you value but in making this a better world.
LIBRA – Life is kind of feeling like a seesaw these days. When Saturn isn’t bearing down on this Libra, all the pleasant Libra characteristics shine through except I still can’t make a decision worth a damn. You never know when these more challenging times are going to return, unless you consult a good astrologer that is but other than that it seems so random. The problem is that I like to try to balance everything and with the Universe seeming like a tremendous pendulum swinging madly to and fro, it is quite the energy drain. Could be that my faith is being tested to the max. Hard to give up that illusion of control. I always thought that I would go with the flow but I guess that I am just not that  much like a Pisces and this month, the Fish really have it made. I got it! Maybe I need to date one, I like to be in a couple anyway. See I can make a decision, I will date a Pisces. But…which one?
SCORPIO – Silly Libra, are you so superficial that you can just decide who to love? I have to really feel someone deep inside my soul to want to share love with them. Sex, now that can be a different story, but even sex needs to feel pretty deep and passionate for me to want to bother with all the drama. I don’t know why everyone thinks Scorpios are just all about sex, I mean it is important and it keeps the body well lubricated, pushes past energy blocks, opens all the channels in the mind, body and Spirit and essentially is the closest that we humans  can come to union with the Divine while in our bodies. Who needs all that, right! There’s always money and I always feel a lot sexier with some money in my pocket and a pile in the bank. Probably Pluto in Capricorn driving me more to the money these days. Gotta get my priorities in order so I can get all those great health benefits. Goddess knows the government isn’t making that happen.
SAGITTARIUS – Wow I think I wanna get some of those good health benefits too. I am so devoted to my Spiritual Path that perhaps I can hasten my connection with the Divine in the bedroom instead of the ashram? I have been feeling so much more energy these days that I have been putting in more hours in the gym but I am always one to synthesize and blend options so maybe more sexual expression can  give me both a physical and spiritual workout. People, does that not beat the hell out of a treadmill and chanting OM. OK Kali, I will learn Tantric Sex and still scream OM I Goddess as I stare into the eyes of my beloved as we drift on a cosmic wave of bliss floating somewhere over Shangrila. Cool, I get to travel too, I am liking this plan better and better.
I have a new Health Regime and Spiritual Direction with travel benefits, a Sagittarius delight!
CAPRICORN – I don’t wanna be a kill joy or anything but silly Saggie, how do you plan on paying your bills unless you have designs on being a Tantric Sexual Surrogate? OK sometimes I just can’t get my mind out of the boardroom and I fear that I may become way too boring. Maybe I am just jealous of your abandon. Maybe I need more down time and specifically, "get down time." I mean,  I have been eating stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner climbing the corporate ladder as if that was going to fill my cup. It does fill my car and my refrigerator and my bank book and I am having to pay larger bills to relax and take care of my declining health. Part of it is that I have been finding such stimulation with work since Pluto moved in on my Sun but I know there must be more for me and I am going to find it.
AQUARIUS – Sometimes I don’t show where and when I feel old wounds coming up but lately I can’t seem to avoid them. I am the consummate alien, always living just outside the mainstream and liking my edgy place on the wheel. Nobody knows just how badly I want to belong sometimes. Don’t cry for me Argentina  though because I can take it. The majority is always wrong and there is nothing as constant as change. I know better than getting too comfortable with anything but sometimes it gets a little hard holding up this brave  anarchistic front. Neptune and Chiron sitting on my Sun has gotten me kind of soft and vulnerable and its scary out there and in here. My old tricks don’t work so well anymore. I think the deal for me is that if I am to really be authentic, I need to drop this I don’t need any body attitude and find some true friends where I can express all facets of myself even the parts that are, dare I say, ordinary!
PISCES – Ahh, I have been basking in a Piscean pool of flowing energy and mind bending possibilities that are taking me all over the Universe. It’s all good stuff too but with Jupiter in my sign and now Venus, the sky is not the limit! Venus won’t be here for very long so I better try to draw her out of the ethers. She must be hiding or maybe I need to go to the Tantric Sex workshop with Sag and Scorpio. I kind of like them a lot anyway. I am certainly feeling much more creative in everything that I do. So nice to have all these luminaries shining on me for a change. Our world is one of mystery even to us and we Pisces like a little and sometimes a lot of mystery especially if its good. Most Pisces don’t usually go in for a lot of dark scary stuff, we rather have sweet fantasies with happy endings. With both Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, "Too much of a good thing can be marvelous!" [Mae West]

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