Moon Magick Forecast



The energy tides of the Lunar cycle are perfect for projects, dreams & magicks that you are bringing into your life. The NEW MOON begins a new cycle & is an excellent time for initiating projects & doing ceremony or meditation for increase & growth. The time between the New & Full Moon is known as the Waxing moon, meaning the moon is growing in size & outward strength. During this time, meditations & spells for increase can be done effectively. The FULL MOON brings power & energy to the seed you have planted at the New Moon or to fulfill a long-term goal or desire. The time between the Full Moon & the New Moon is known as the Waning moon; meaning the moon is decreasing in size but gaining in inward strength. It is a time to go inward to receive wisdom & information & to let go of things, attitudes or people who no longer contribute to your life or are detrimental to your goals.

The Full Moon in December falls on 12/2 in Gemini at 12:30am.  This will be a perfect moon for bringing change into your life and exploring new options.  Stones for this Full Moon are clear quartz and Herkimer diamond, herbs are cinnamon and lavender and the colors are lilac and pale yellow.

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