Your Horror Scope for November Ok so it is a little leftover Halloween Humer

Lady Dawn


ARIES – Seems like a whole lot of shakin’ will be going on. Hope its not the EARTH? Don’t get me wrong, I love live action as long as my feet have something solid underneath. I don’t know about any of you other signs but I am feeling like making a big fire. Seems like a lot of good things can happen around a fire.
TAURUS – I love my Full Moon. It’s my favorite time of the year when it’s just cool enough to really want to cuddle up with something warm and delicious. You know, like me . Good food, good woman, and something sensual in the tune department. Set the mood for the time of your life.
GEMINI – I am finally feeling like I can slow down enough to read the pile of books that are towering over my bed at this point. What to do? Long conversations, hours of reading, meeting new friends, posting on FB, or should I Twitter? OK so what if I am an information junkie at times, I am cute and so interesting. Where would networking be without people like me anyway.
CANCER – Any good excuse to nest works for me and I am ready. Hard to get too comfortable though  feeling all the shifts in the Universe. I mean the world  for me is like a gigantic full wave water bed. Something moves in Nepal and I feel it in my left foot. Joy breaks out as a well needed rain heals the draught in Texas and I feel it.
So, I work on my own environment making it as peaceful as possible.
LEO – Oh Cancer you  call me a drama queen! Honey you put me to shame. I just know all will be well wherever I am and that’s all there is to it.  When you radiate, it makes it really hard to absorb any one’s crap. Try it you may find a whole new experience. Works for me anyway and comes so naturally.Let the Sunshine In.
VIRGO – OMG!! Is Saturn really going to take its 3 ringed hoof off of my neck for 6 months? I’ll take it.  What  a relief! I mean I have gotten used to a certain level of frustration and restriction. Some of it really has been useful  but  hell i am so ready to feel free, to bust my world wide open and take that leap of faith that i have been contemplating for the last 2 years.
LIBRA – Gulp! I guess it’s my turn to toe the line. Hopefully this  new dance with Saturn will not make me even less decisive. I do want a real relationship with integrity first with myself and then with another. In the meantime, perhaps Saturn will help me shape my creative  bursts and not stifle them.
SCORPIO – Why talk so much about it, just do it, feel it and let your essence emanate from your pores. Draw people in so that they see the real you, don’t give it to them all at once, who can handle all that?  That’s the way I do it. If you don’t know what to say, just sit there and look mysterious and brooding. Works every time and adds to your intense persona. Muy caliente’
SAGITTARIUS – Shaking the remnants of Pluto’s backtrack off of my wings. Thought I was done with that driven feeling but I guess there was a little bit left to kick loose. The cosmos are calling and a quick ride on my magic carpet would be the perfect solution to soaring air fares. I need the exotic and perchance the erotic to soothe my weary soul.
CAPRICORN – Thanks Saggie so glad to have old Pluto kicking me from the underworld once again. I know there are some deeper aspects of myself that I need to explore in order to let go of my baggage and Yes, I will feel  much better as that is accomplished but you can’t fault me for not wanting to go there just yet. Any chance I can book a seat with you Sag on that carpet of yours.
AQUARIUS –  My menage e trois with Jupiter,Neptune and Chiron seems to be lasting all year. Granted it  gets stronger and weaker and some days I feel as inflated as Jupiter, full of positive  intentions only to feel them dissolve in a few days when Neptune has her way with me calling me like a siren to her undersea reams. After that I am dazed and confused and just when I think this will drive me bonkers, Chiron shines its healing light and i am flooded with wisdom but geez, what a process.
PISCES – I feel for ya my Uranian sister, but then I feel for everybody and everything and since Uranus has been in my sign lo these many years,I never know just what feeling is going to come flying out of the ethers to throw me headlong into a new direction. Since I have had 26 degrees of this wild ride already, I have become adept at free style body surfing the white water but it can be hell on the physical body I can tell you that!
In case you haven’t noticed, this is not your Mama’s Astrological report. I deliberately let the signs talk right to you, giving them a voice that really tells it like it is!
I have endeavored to make it more gender neutral to speak to all sexual preferences and identities.
If you know your Rising sign, your personal reading will be more accurate if you read the passage for that sign as well as your Sun sign.


About LadyDawn The Writer

I am a Disabled Lesbian homemaker. I writer, fictional, fantasy, romance, and humor stories. I love to do gardening, cooking, canning, sewing, and computers. I am also Microsoft certified in computers plus have my Network and A+. So I kind of know my way around computers Don't y'all think.
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